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The journey is goal...


Experienced guides, travellers, national team members and lovers of outdoor sports who would like to pass on their own experience to other people who want to spend their free time in nature.

Petr Oldřich Novotný
Team Leader

The experienced paddler who had visited a lot of rivers all over the world as a professional raft guide. Discovered Sea kayaking among the mangroves in the Caribbean. He loves playing blues or jazz on the guitar…


He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education & Sport, and with a degree in Biology from the Faculty of Science, both at Charles University. The subject of his doctoral study was evolutionary biology and kinesiology. He works in the Department of Outdoor Sports for the Faculty of Physical Education & Sport at Charles University, where his specialisation is water sports. He has worked as a raft guide in Norway (1992-1999) and as a guide for the travel agency Adventura and the Denali Expedition Team. He was ICF development coach during the World Championships (2006 and 2013) in White Water in Prague. Petr has guided in Europe, Africa, Asia and USA. Petr is an IRF Instructor and IRF Trip Leader. He is a teacher of kayaking and canoeing, skiing and snowboarding and he is a co-author of many publications on canoeing.


WOK LG team is a community of friends, clients, participants or hosts of WOK-outdoor actions, trips etc. The team is informed about planned actions priority, the team gets methodically materials about paddling and advice from experienced professionals. The members of WOK LG Team have a participating discount on their second and every next action or trip from WOK-outdoor. The members of WOK LG Team can represent WOK-outdoor on the sea kayak races, rivers marathons or cross-country skiing races.

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