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  •  WHAT? Regular training in the water sports centre in Troja or in the centre of Prague:
    we start again from 12th March 2019

    • 1 time per week (5.30–7.00 p.m.):

      • Wednesday 

      • 60 minutes of the hard paddling 


  • WHY?

    • Improve your fitness levels

    • Increase strength in arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen

    • Great alternative to running, cycling and other sports which strain the legs

    • Strengthen the core for better control of your body

    • New discoveries, new experiences, and new skills - learn the proper paddling technique

    • Amazing views of Prague from a different perspective



    • Individual approach

    • Professional coach

    • Training according to your performance

    • Select training with video-coaching – an effective and fast method for improving your kayaking technique


Naturally, full basic training on the kayak is also included


  • PRICE? the price includes: coach, rent of equipment rental (boat, paddle, spraydeck, life jacket, waterproof jacket)

The time of training and the training plan for the 8 weeks paddle camp follow sports training´s rules.

Minimal count of paddlers is 3 and the maximal is 8 paddlers.

Please, the deadline for your reservation is the 48 hours before; MON till 5 p.m.

Notice: We can change the date (day and time) after discussion.

What not to do:

  • boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden as is any behaviour which could endanger one’s self or others

  • it is forbidden to get close to other rental vessels and it is especially forbidden to get close to or cross the path of passenger or freight transport vessels and ships (must stay at a distance of more than 200 m)

  • it is forbidden to dock at or tie to any commercial docks, buoys or other floating devices

  • do not moor or anchor to vegetation (including in places where mooring is allowed)

  • do not sail close to or dock at beaches or other places intended for relaxation

  • do not litter, or use the forest or coast as a WC or rubbish dump


Basic instruction:

  • When passing other vessels, pass each to the right of the oncoming vessel. (following with continental Europe and North American road rules)

  • Respect the rental service instructions as well as members of Police, State Navigation Administration (SPS), Vltava River Basin and Fishing Union (it is important to respect fishermen too). If you do not follow nautical boating rules, the Rental Kayak Beach Bar rules and the regulations of the authorities listed above, your vessel rental may be terminated without refund.

  • In a case of an accident on the water, both the renter and the rental operator are obligated to report the incident to the State Navigation Administration.


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